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Chi Siamo / Who we are
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Chi Siamo / Who we are
Scritto da Associazione Internazionale Calabresi nel Mondo   
sabato, 18 febbraio 2006 23:40
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Chi Siamo / Who we are
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ImageWho we are*

Was Calabrian emigration born with the birth of Italy? It is a stimulating question which could become a statement. The arrival of the "Piedmonteses" and the following sensless social and economic policy of the Unitary State forced masses of Calabrians farmers to seek their fortune everywhere in the world. Our history is a little bit more recent. The "Asscociazione Internazionale Calabresi nel Mondo" (International Association of Calabrian people in the World) was officially born in 1982 on the initiative of Giovanni Amoruso.

Giovanni Amoruso personally experienced the emigration; his father Gennaro has lived in the United States of America for many years and only a series of weird circumstances prevented the very young Giovanni from leaving to the new world. The idea of creating an association in favour of Calabrian emigrants was born at the end of the Sixties, Mr Amoruso was looking for an instrument which could establish contacts with people from the same country who were living abroad. His activity started in politics, with a long career in "Democrazia Cristiana" (the Christian Democratic Party) and after in the social sector. He became the President of the "Movimento Cristiano Lavoratori della Calabria" (the Christian Worker Movement of Calabria).

The early Eighties were full of stirrings and Mr Amoruso decided, together with some friends, to start up the great project of the "Asscociazione Internazionale Calabresi nel Mondo". This Association carries on its activity all over the world and takes root in Rome, with several editions of "Calabresi nel Mondo" (Calabrians in the World) prize, acknowledgement given to illustrious Calabrians.

Memorable events with typical product testings are remembered in Rome.

The Association continues its social and cultural activity and, for about ten years, it has published a magazine called "Calabria Mondo" and has intensified its contacts with our fellow-countrymen who live abroad.

In the last years, the Association has been committed in social and cultural activities for Calabria and Calabrians and it has always searched to establish contacts with our fellow-countrymen living in the whole world.

The Association joins UNAIE (Immigrant and Emigrant National Union Association) and FUSIE (Unitary Federation of Foreign Italian Press).

2007 will be the year of its 25th anniversary and the Association has decided to bet on younger people and new technologies.

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